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“Adelaide’s answer to punishing but heartfelt rock’n’roll – powerhouses of innovation” – B-Side Magazine

“The music is edgy and entertaining. There is something going on here that is powerful and undeniable. Squeaker is greatness waiting to happen.” – Skope Magazine

“…infectious and enjoyable…” – Music SA


Squeaker is an Australian alternative rock band, formed in Adelaide, South Australia, 2002. The original group included drummer Steve Staben, vocalist Georgii Staben and guitarist Rodge Smith. Bassist Oswaldo Grillet joined and completed the four piece in 2011. Together, they blend gritty guitar tones and meaty grooves with synthesized textures and pop sensibilities.

Career: Squeaker

Squeaker have supported many bands regionally and interstate such as:

  • Baby Animals
  • The BellRays (USA)
  • The Superjesus
  • Dallas Frasca
  • Def FX
  • Bellusira
  • King Of The North
  • Sydonia
  • Virtue
  • Pseudo Echo


Influences: Squeaker

Squeaker are influenced by the 90’s music era and draw inspiration from their following favourite artists:

  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Garbage
  • Muse
  • Depeche Mode
  • Soundgarden
  • No Doubt
  • Living Colour
  • Baby Animals.

Subsequently, they create an energetic live show and a repertoire of well crafted songs.

Discography: Squeaker

  • Jesus Ain’t My Boyfriend (single, independent, 2007)

  • Fly Baby Fly (EP, independent, 2011)

  • Circles (single, independent, 2014)

  • Mother (single, independent, 2014)

  • In Love / In Madness (album, independent, 2015)

  • Revel In Ashes (EP, independent, 2019)


Awards: Squeaker

  • In Love / In Madness‘ – Top nominee for ‘Best Production’  at the 2015 South Australian Music Awards

  • CirclesFinalist in the pop category at the 2016 Music Oz Awards

  • Mother – Finalist in the alternative category at the 2016 Music Oz Awards

  • Solitude – Finalist in the instrumental category at the 2016 Music Oz Awards.

band members

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Rodge Smith


Oswaldo Grillet (O.G)


Georgii Staben


Steve Staben